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Mudathlon Indianapolis - 6/28/14 Northwest Indiana - 7/19/14 Cincinatti - 8/9/14

Maybe you don’t want to be a Mudathlete®, that doesn't mean you can't be part of our Mucking Crew®. By agreeing to help us for the day you get the exclusive Mucking Crew® T-shirt (it is worth doing this for the shirt). Plus, we will feed you and those 21 and over get one free beer.

Here are some of the jobs where we need
some Mucking Crew®

  • Packet Pick-Up and Registration: Dry, cool, shaded and no mud.
  • Water Stations: Passing out water, potentially muddy and standing up.
  • Course Marshal: Helping participants, potentially muddy and great fun!
  • Finish Line: Passing out water, medals, towels and full of surprises!

Sign Up Now to Volunteer at Mudathlon - Indianapolis (6/28/14)
Sign Up Now to Volunteer at Mudathlon - Northwest Indiana (7/19/14)
Sign Up Now to Volunteer at Mudathlon - Cincinnati (8/9/14)!

Read a first hand account about what it is like to volunteer at Mudathlon! Click here and enjoy!

If you have any additional questions about becoming a volunteer please contact Rachel Hibner at