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Mudathlon Indianapolis - 6/28/14 Northwest Indiana - 7/19/14 Cincinatti - 8/9/14

General Team Information

A team is the best way to experience Mudathlon®! Teams can be any size, the only exception to this is if your team wants be competitive. In this case you must have at least 5 people on your team for your team time to be recorded. The top five times from each team are averaged together and the top averaged time determines the placings. Regardless of team size, every person on the team completes the entire course. Teams can be all male, all female or coed.

Teams can take two forms:
  • Mudathlon® Team
  • ​Mudathlon® Charity Team. 

Please know that the creation of a team does not reserve a certain number of starting times for your group.  Your team members must register early to ensure everyone gets in the same starting time!

Start a Mudathlon® Team

1. Create your team:

Become a Team Captain for Mudathlon® - Northwest Indiana, Valparaiso

Become a Team Captain for Mudathlon® - Cincinnati

2. Register yourself and be sure to join the team you just created!

3. Share your team name and the start time you chose with your friends. They will be able to find your team from a drop-down menu on the registration page.

4.  See who has registered for your team by going to, logging in, and clicking on My Groups. You will be required to create a login to complete this form.

Team Incentive Program

• Recruit 17 or more teammates: Enjoy a second FREE beer for all registered participants 21 and over.
• Recruit 30 or more teammates: Relax in your own personal tent onsite in the Post-Race Party Area.

If you have additional questions regarding teams please contact Kara Ribordy at