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Mudathlon Indianapolis - 6/28/14 Northwest Indiana - 7/19/14 Cincinatti - 8/9/14

Stop thinking about it – be a Mudathlete®

Team Registrations

In 2015, you can register as a team for any Mudathlon®.  There is no limit to the amount of members a team can have so come one bring your friends and start a team today!  One person must register the team name and continue on through the main registration page.  Everyone else should choose the "Joining a Team" option of the main registration page.

Online registration is closed for Mudathlon® - Northwest Indiana

Online registration is closed for Mudathlon® - Cincinnati


Paper Registration

Can't register online?  Complete the Paper Registration and Waiver and mail it to us, just follow the instructions on the form.

For those who need an extra copy to take to the event, print the Waiver only.