Obstacles.....and lots of 'em!

Although every course is unique, you can count on these elements standing in the way of you becoming a Mudathlete® At some point, we bet you will be dropping some mother Mucker’s.

Look at All the Obstacles

Smoke Screen Start Mud Pit The Wall Slippery Slope
Slide Cargo Cling & Climb Creek Crossing Tunnel of Terror
Shifty Spools Nature's Mud Tire Tussle Heaping Hay Bales
Muddy Crawl Rope Crossing Monkey Bars High Step
Balls to the Wall Venus Fly Trap The Graves

Smoke Screen Start: No turning back now!  Suck it up buttercup and get a move on as you start your day wading through some thick white smoke.  You’ve just started your quest to become a Mudathlete!

Mud Pit: Remember when mom told you to stay away from that muddy puddle? Sorry Mom, but you gotta get dirty if you want to be a Mudathlete! At 100 yards long and varying depths, this mud pit is challenging and fun.  In fact it’s so much fun, you’ll see it again! The second time through means you are all but finished with Mudathlon.

The Wall: No, not like hitting the wall in a marathon, you literally are going over the wall! You will see multiple walls on the Mudathlon course.  At 5’ high they offer a challenge for those super athletic and because we’re so nice, we’ll even offer a step in case you need a little extra help.

Slippery Slope: One of Mudathlon’s favorite things is to find steep, slippery hills that require the use of a rope to go up or down.  Trust us, you want the rope!  The slopes vary and lengths can go up to 120’.  Whatever it takes, make your way up and over and get a little messy along the way.

Slide: Your hard work up to this point pays off and you get to go for a ride! Our newly designed slides utilize a super fast extra dense plastic as the surface for your ride. Again, these vary in slope and the length can be as much as 100’. This is definitely better than the waterpark slide you visited as a child.  A mud pit welcomes you at the bottom.

Cargo Cling & Climb Our cargo net structure is at a 75 degree incline and stands about 12’ tall. Use the cargo to go up the front and a ladder system to go down the back. Yeah, it is a jungle gym for adults!

Cricked Creek Crossing: This is just the bath you wanted to take as a kid.  .  . Another one of Mudathlon’s favorite things is creeks, we don’t make a course unless the property has one.  We take you across to make the exits extra muddy and slick.  Sometimes we even tell you to get in and run in the creek. They are a great way to cool down or clean up in the midst of a Mudathlon course.  *There may be some swimming required, if rain has caused creek to rise.*

Tunnel of Terror: Now that you’re clean from the creek, time to get dirty again. We will send you burrowing through a covered trench in the ground. Shimmy your way through the dark and there will be a light at the other side. We will try not to make it as scary as your childhood haunted house memories.

Shifty Spools: Think gigantic barrels shaped like a wagon wheel. Our spools challenge you to get creative and climb, especially as the day progresses and these things get a little slippery. At about 5’ tall, and again because we’re so nice, we give you a little step to make it possible.

Nature's Mud: Sometimes it is just fun to run through an area of the property that is naturally muddy. We do our best to seek these out and make them a part of the day. This is another large puddle your Mom would yell at you for.

Tire Tussle: Our tractor tires usually offer an obstacle that gets those tight muscles and creaky bones loosened up.  We stand them upright, set three or four in a row, and you climb through on your quest to become a Mudathlete. We guarantee they will be bigger than your John Deere trike tires.

Heaping Hay Bales: These round bales are straight off the farm and make a nice challenge for any Mudathlete.  Don’t be surprised to see them stacked two high in some places. No fort making allowed in these hay bales.

Muddy Crawl: We think the name says it all. This 30’ spot is sure to be muddy and you get to crawl through. Your chance to be a kid again when you get down and dirty in this crawl.

Rope Crossing: With a rope 4’ off the ground and another at your shoulders, you get to traverse this 30'-40’ span. There was nothing this cool in gym class.

Monkey Bars: Just like the playground in elementary school our retooled monkey bars are 12’ long and will make you wonder how you did them many years ago.

High Step: Nothing gets those quads burning like a little high step. If you don’t get those knees up you will find yourself on your face pretty quickly! Luckily we won’t have any drill sergeants near by.   Or will we?

Balls to the Wall: This isn't your mother's rock climbing wall! With three levels of difficulty, this horizontal climbing wall will have you shimmying across 2x4's nailed to the wall with hopes of not falling off.

Venus Fly Trap: Get yourself stuck in a sticky situation by climbing your way through the wirey mess.  Don't get caught or there may be no way out!

The Graves:  Have your partner help you up and over a series of sticky mud walls and hope to not get stuck.  But if you do, at least you're in good company!