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Mudathlon Indianapolis - 6/28/14 Northwest Indiana - 7/19/14 Cincinatti - 8/9/14

The Ultimate Mudathlete Program is about having fun all Summer long! We've called your parents and they said it's alright for you to join us at more than 1 Mudathlon. The extra mud never hurt anybody plus All the Big Kids are Doing it so be the next to join us once a month June through August. Take a look at the muddy levels below but remember the Ultimate Mudathlete is having the most fun in 2014. Summer never lasts long enough so make it count with extra mud.


You're muddy and you know it. . .Completing 1 Mudathlon and will earn the fantastic perks including your race t-shir and Mudathlon bandana. Now you can strut your stuff in your new gear but is 1 Mudathlon really going to do it for you? Just like a potato chip, you can't have just one!

Double Dirty Mudathlete

You have gotten down and dirty! We understand one Mudathlon is never enough so when you pick any combination of 2 Tour Locations you become a Double Dirty Mudathlete and earn yourself an awesome Mudathlon prize pack. Many muddy Mudathlon items will be placed in a Mudathlon drawstring bag for you to enjoy! 2 Mudathlons is quite an accomplishment but look how close your are to tasting the victory of being Ultimate.

Ultimate Mudathlete

3 months, 3 Mudathlons, and 3x the big kid fun when you become an Ultimate Mudathlete. Taking on all 3 Mudathlon Tour Locations in 2014 will earn you a unique plaque with a picture of you getting down and dirty and a hard-earned Mudathlon medal. What are you waiting for? Become the talk of the town, big kid on campus, and fall in love all Summer long with the one and only, Mudathlon!